New Builds

At The Plumbing Crowd we aim to complete the plumbing of your residential builds to the highest standards.

From single dwellings to multiple dwellings we follow tried and tested best  plumbing practices methods.

With comprehensive quality assurance you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality workmanship. 

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Accurate Plumbing 

Getting it right the first time is important to us. 

From the start of projects we offer constant communication channels to our clients, listening to their needs and advising them where we can. 


Expect to receive top service. We will make sure to get back to your calls, arrive on time, get your projects done on time, keep constant open and honest communication, keep within budget and of course supply all the coffee for our meetings. 

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The Plumbing Crowd , PVC, underslab, plumbing, drainlaying

Quality Assurance 

We offer our clients comprehensive Quality Assurance documents, complete with photos. All QA doc's and photos are stored digitally, so not only can you access them from any where at anytime, we also do our bit by not using paper unnecessarily.

The Job

From a stand alone house, an entire street, single story, double story, triple story we have done it all. We make sure that we offer the same excellent service to all our clients, regardless of how big or small they are. From under slabs, pipe outs, first fix, second fix, quality assurance, digital as-builts, hot water installation, council inspections and of course the coffee, we've got you covered.  

The Plumbing Crowd , pipes, underslab, plumbing

The Detail

At the fit off stage of our projects we pride ourselves in neatness, accuracy and efficiency. We carry out excellent silicone jobs, make sure the fixtures are plumb and level, follow tried and tested commissioning procedures and make sure we always clean up after ourselves all of which results in our highly successful client retention.